The Chameleon Car.

Lincoln Middle East needed to launch their new Lincoln MKC. In a market saturated with a lot of similar cross-over vehicles, Lincoln needed to break the clutter and position itself above its competition in the UAE. The Lincoln MKC is a new line under the Lincoln brand. It’s a cross-over vehicle that is elegantly stylized where one can almost infinitely customize to their liking.

In the Middle East, the car you drive is as important as what clothes you wear. Partnering with Fashion Week Middle East, we launched the new Lincoln MKC to a closed group of stylists and fashionistas around the region. Each time they came to our stand, their clothes or accessories were projected on to the car as if it was an extension of their individual style.

On ground activation crew captured what they were wearing.

The Lincoln MKC matched their clothes instantaneously.

Our activation stand had an Instagram printer where visitors printed their very own Instagram prints.


Out of the 962 industry insiders that attended the event, about 40% included influential industry insiders from celebrities
(with the likes of Lebanese singer and actress Dominic Hourini), stylists, bloggers (Doonie) and fashion designers (the likes of the most sought after American Fashion Designer, Emily Saunders), they all experienced ‘The Chameleon Car’ for themselves by visiting the Lincoln MKC activation area.

• 10 celebrity endorsed visuals shared on Instagram linking MKC and Fashion Week Middle East
• Posts shared by the fashion blogger Dooonie alone resulted in 15,536 Likes and 545 comments
• 125 Confirmed Test Drive Applicants