Escape the everyday.

Our challenge was to promote and instill the classic adventurous spirit of Land Rover in the next generation of prospective owners. And encourage them to discover life beyond their office cubicles.

Every prospective Land Rover adventurer has a day job and spends hours working on their PC every day. We decided to surprise them with the Land Rover LR4 Escape Key. A small object that lets them personalise their keyboard in a special way.

Now when they’re at work and routine drives them up the wall, the key will serve as a gentle reminder to escape the everyday. And consider test driving the Land Rover LR4.

Little boxes of LR4 Escape Keys made their way to potential Land Rover customers in and around the region. Since most PC keyboards come with either square, round or rectangle pegs, we provided all three connectors along with the box.


We have sent out three batches of 800 pieces. The number of queries almost tripled. Test drive’s up by 208%. But most importantly, it made Land Rover LR4 the top-of-mind 4x4 vehicle of our prospective customers.

The project was featured in Creativity-Online where it was made 'Pick of the Day', became the top weekly winner at Best Ads on TV, and talked about in popular blogs and news sites such as Brainstorm9I Believe in AdvertisingThe Inspiration RoomCreative Guerrilla Marketing and Creative Criminals among others.

The custom made LR4 Escape Keys are made of plastic resin coated in metallic paint. Making it light and durable for constant office abuse.