The vase.

Art Glass Emporium exhibits and sells glass works that are hand blown and hand crafted. A retail store selling one-off pieces from the world’s best art glass sculptors. 

The store needed a logo that clearly demonstrated this while evoking the beauty and uniqueness of their offering.

There are no two hand blown glass art pieces alike. Every time a glass is being delicately sculpted, ripples of colours are pulled and mixed to create a one of a kind design.

Inspired from the art of glassmaking, various colours are used and constructed in such a way that a vase is taking shape, just like an artist forming his masterpiece. 

The identity was extended to the store design.

The Wine Glass Bags

One of the most sought after art glass pieces sold in the store are the very limited edition wine glasses. The task was to create special ‘single glass’ carry bags for Art Glass Emporium’s limited edition, handblown wine glasses.

Various sizes of limited edition wine glass bags were made.

One can tell what type of wine glass the limited edition bag carried.


Gold at Graphis

Silver at Identity Awards