A laugh in every break.

At the beginning of 2013, the whole Arab world really needed a break. In a tense and unpredictable climate, KIT KAT wanted to put a smile in people’s breaks, build its social media audience and create humorous content to engage with its consumers.

So we created the KIT KAT Comedy Break Show. The first online talent show searching for the next big Arab comedian.

For 19 weeks, we invited people to show us their comedy skills, nurtured their talent, and fuelled the comedy scene in the region.

In exchange, we gained engaging content for our social media platforms and our dedicated website. And the campaign helped associate KIT KAT with comedy and quality content in the mind of our consumers.


Putting a smile in people’s break is KIT KAT’s DNA and everything the brand stands for. Our show allowed us to elevate the comedy scene, and engage with consumers in the entertainment and comedy genres within the digital environment, providing an opportunity to interact in new, relevant spaces with our audience.

The KIT KAT Comedy Break Show website was designed to be responsive on multiple devices.

Brand Results

The KIT KAT Comedy Break Show had a real impact on the brand. Analysing search queries confirmed that consumers had started to associate KIT KAT with comedy and humour. But more importantly, we saw a 7% increase during the campaign in brand likeability, and 8% in the perception that KIT KAT made their break more enjoyable. There was also a 4% increase in top of mind awareness, loyalty and recommendation in certain markets. And regional sales increased by 23% compared to the same period last year.

YouTube Channel Results

When we started the campaign, the KIT KAT Channel counted around 60 subscribers. Three months later, it had become the fastest growing channel in the region per day, week and month with over 3,000 new subscribers. It was also the most watched channel in FMCG in the region with almost 3 million views and an average subscriber viewing length of 10 minutes. Our ads proved critical in driving traffic to the channel with 10% of those who clicked an ad watching 2 or more videos on our channel.

From our YouTube webisodes, a total of 14 years of humorous content consumed in just 3 months. Gained a total of 2.9 million views and more than 3,619 new subscribers up from 60, subscribed to our channel.

Facebook Channel Results

Before the campaign, the KIT KAT Facebook page had around 2 million fans, with 4,000 new fans per week on average. Engagement rates were also very low, and fans were only responding to posts related to chocolate. During the KIT KAT Comedy Break Show, the page received an average of 20,000 new fans per week, most of them organically. Overall, the page grew 12% during the campaign, and now holds the highest number of fans in FMCG in the region.

We made the KIT KAT Facebook Page one of the most engaging pages in the Middle East. Engagement tripled, compared to 0.48% pre-campaign. And our campaign accounted for 53% of the total category conversations.

By the end of the campaign, our Facebook fans were seeking and engaging with our content while they were having their KIT KAT Break.

By the end of the campaign, our Facebook fans were seeking and engaging with our content while they were having their KIT KAT Break.

Twitter Channel Results

We launched our Twitter account with our campaign, and by the end of the show, we had over 22,000 followers. The response rate also surpassed our expectations with 67% within 10 minutes.

We made the KIT KAT Twitter Page the fastest growing page in a short time.

Media Coverage

The response greatly surpassed our expectations. The Arab world welcomed us and KIT KAT’s efforts to change the mood of the region were quickly noticed, which helped us promote the KIT KAT Comedy Break Show even further. In total, PanArab news media outlets gave the campaign 7.6 million users media reach, 66 million digital impressions and 42 million media impressions.

KIT KAT Comedy Break Show News Media Coverage