Spot Her Smile.

Colgate needed to create awareness amongst housewives and their families for the whitening toothpaste ‘Optic White’ in the UAE. With limited assets that came from global (TVC and POS), we were tasked to come up with an engaging promo activation that involved on-ground and on-line participation.

We transformed the existing TVC into the ‘Spot Her Smile’ game where housewives and families registered and played an interactive touch screen game featuring the Colgate Optic White TVC where they had to pause the TVC every time they saw the Colgate Girl smile. Every participant online and in the mall entered a draw to fly to Milan, Italy during the Fashion Week! We also built a Colgate Arabia Facebook presence and launched it with the Facebook App “Spot Her Smile” – an online game - where users had to find the Colgate Optic White girl in a crowd the fastest way possible.

Participants were required to enter their details via the iPad app.

A total of 75 nationalities played our activation.

Gameplay was simple. Spot her smile five times and win a gift hamper plus your name was entered into the draw. Spot her smile at least once and you get a free Optic White toothpaste.

People were queing for 20 minutes on average waiting for their turn to play.


• 525,000 mall shoppers got exposed to the Colgate Optic White brand message.
• 7,857 registrations in mall and online over 4 weeks.
• One person played every 1.8 minutes.
• 17,596 Colgate Optic White collaterals & samples distributed.
• Increase from 0 to 15,214 Facebook fans!