Taking Home Happiness.

Since 2013, Coca-Cola has continued to target one of the UAE’s largest demographics: South Asians. So, in 2014, they wanted to seize the opportunity to build brand love during the holiday season.

What makes this target unique are their circumstances. They earn some of the country’s lowest wages, making it hard for them to go home regularly. But when they finally do, they carry many presents for their families, friends and neighbours too. In fact, they pack so much into their bags, that they often end up with excess baggage.

We used Coca-Cola bottles to deliver a special Christmas surprise by turning bottle labels into luggage tags for a free extra 5 kilos.

Specially designed Coca-Cola bottle labels were transformed into redeemable excess luggage tags.


Over 100 bottles of happiness were given to passengers on their way home for the holidays to the Philippines, India and Pakistan. A video of the activation was then shared online, taking it even further on social media, especially amongst South Asians.

• Over 8 million media impressions
• Over $320,000 PR value
• 1+ million YouTube views

The video was picked up in more than 100 blogs and publications such as The National Newspaper, Emirates News, Channel4 FM, Adobo Magazine, Campaign Magazine, Best Ads and Guerrilla Marketing amongst others.