It was almost 2012.

That’s 365 new days. 365 new opportunities to pursue your passion, do everything, seize every moment, and make it yours.

To bring in the new year we wanted to give people the opportunity to send out messages of hope, positivity and good cheer to the people they love, to the cities they love or simply to the universe.

They do this using the HP TwitterWisher – a little invention that used HP technology, social media and people to spread good cheer into the world.

We hacked an HP Deskjet 1000 printer so that it can print directly on to balloons.

Using the HP TwitterWisher – people can tweet their messages and we printed them onto biodegradable latex balloons which where then released into the sky.

Users saw their balloon being printed and released into the air and then check back to see if anyone found it.

Three HP laptops served as our servers. One for moderation, live stream and hosting.

The HP TwitterWisher printer automatically prints for every twish made on our website.

The balloons have codes on them so if you find one, you can go back to the website and find out who sent the balloon and have the option to send them back a message.


We did the activation over the last three days of December. And in that time we received more than 5,000 twishes from 54 countries. 

In just 3 days, we got shared and liked more than 4,670 times and appeared on many sites such as MashableThe Next WebYahoo News and AMEInfo among others.