100 years of storytelling.

The Dubai motor show is the biggest automobile show in the Middle East. Despite being the most important auto related trade show, it is only held every two years. So when the time came to design their stands, car manufacturers pull all of the stops who can create the biggest impact throughout the show. Ford Middle East is no exception.

With more than 20 cars and trucks on display, the biggest challenge was how to create a seamless design that can work with their three car brands - Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.

Designed like an open art gallery, various canvasses were laid across different car models. Each were strategically placed so the messages corresponds best to a particular car feature.

Whatever your fancy, Ford makes sure there's a car or truck that will suit everyone's needs. From a small sized saloon, enormous heavy duty truck to a super premium sport car, Ford has it all. They have been refining in producing the best-in-class automobiles for the past 100 years. Their cars and trucks have been voted 'Car of the Year' numerous times. With unrivaled standard safety features and best-in-class technology, no other car manufacturer can match their 100 year experience and expertise.

The Ford Motor Company story.

Rather than telling a story about their latest car models that were on show, we celebrated the company that brought it instead. Ford has a hundred year worth of stories that were waiting to be told.

Huge canvasses were plastered across carrying Ford's core strengths. What made them tick? How have they revolutionized the car industry? Year after year. What made their cars so special that it still is loved and used here in the Middle East? These were just some of the questions we researched. In total, we built 14 story-paths that shows their 100 years of extraordinary pursuit of bringing the next big thing in automobiles.